How to Sure Win in Baccarat?

Baccarat is said as an easy casino game and that’s not without any reason. In baccarat you only need to choose between banker’s or player’s hand. There is tie bet too, the one that you should avoid. However, how to sure win in baccarat? Let’s find out before playing.

How to Sure Win in Baccarat?

  • Play in Banker’s Side is a Good Choice

Almost every pro bettor at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia agrees with this statement; play on banker’s side is the safest and profitable. Actually, this is valid if the banker is the casino itself, represented by the dealer in the game. However, you can also bet on banker if it is played by player, but the result will not that significant.

If you are newbie in this betting game, you will notice that you should pay some money if you bet in banker’s hand. It is usually 5% of your winning money if you win the bet. Somehow, this seems so big but actually it is not, compared to the winning money that you will get.

What you should do in betting on banker’s hand is betting on this side continuously. It means that you should bet on banker until it loses. Then if it loses you should wait one turn, if after that banker wins again, you can continue to bet on banker. This way will surely make you win safely without that big risk.

  • Never Ever Bet in Tie

If you think that this tie bet is tantalizing, you are totally wrong. Just avoid betting on this option. Simply because of the house edge of this bet is in a range between 12-14%. It is a way too big rather than the house edge of banker or player hand which is just in a range of one until two percent. Although the winning money is big enough but with that house edge, you will not get a big payout.

The tie result is unlikely to happen, a reason that ensures you to absolutely avoid this bet. It is true that the casino uses several decks of card in playing baccarat game and it is true that there are possibilities to have a tie result. However, the percentage of tie result is really small. So, if you are smart enough to avoid the risk, you should not bet on tie.

  • Play in Player is an Option

Player side actually has the same possibility with the banker side. Even, you do not have to pay extra money except the house edge. So, you also can win by betting on player hand. However, you should pay attention in when you should bet on this side.

If the banker loses, it means player wins. Do not directly jump to bet on player, Wait one round first. If the player still wins, you can bet on the player until it loses. Then if it loses, banker wins, you can go back to bet on banker directly. It will surely bring you a big amount of money.

So, how to sure win in baccarat? You already know how to do it, right? Do all those tips and surely you can win easily. Stay in banker’s hand to make sure your big hit and avoid the tie bet for your own safety. Happy betting!

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