Informative Super Color Sic Bo Facts That You Should Know

Recently, online gambling game has developed rapidly. They gain player more and more every day. They believe that online gambling games are the viable option to make money. One of the game is Sic Bo. Sic Bo is an online gambling game from China. But now, this game is easily found in Chinatown in various countries. Therefore, before you want to play this game, there are informative super color sic bo facts that you should know.

Informative Super Color Sic Bo Facts That You Should Know

What is Super Color Sic Bo?

Sic bo is one of the casino games from China. This game use dice to play with it.  Sic bo refers to “a pair of dice”, but this game used three dices. Mostly, the gamblers play lively via streaming video. Some casinos provide a new modification of Sic Bo. It is Super Color Sic Bo. This game provides new and different challenges and facilitates the players to enjoy the advantage at a higher level.

How to Play Super Color Sic Bo

The idea of this game is not complicated. The gamblers should wager on the outcome of the roll of the dice. The first step is to select your chip size. Then, you lay your bet chips on the table based on your bet.

However, there is major differences in Super Color Sic bo. This game uses 12 sides of the dice. It makes the game more challenging than the Sic Bo which use 6 side of the dice. Check out an example at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia.

Dealers will throw the three 12 side dice to decide the outcome of the bets. If the outcome shows to the particular number that you bet, you will give a profit or pay out. You are able to obtain a payout up to hundreds if you place bet on triples which three dices give the same number.

Understand the Super Color Sic Bo Probability

Players can choose the types of the bets in Super Color Sic Bo. We provide some betting types in Super Color Sic Bo.

Small Bet: On this bet, the players get the wins if the total number of the three dice is 4 to 10. However, this system is not applied if it is triple.

Big Bet: You get the win if the total number of the three dice is 11 to 17. It is similar with small bet that it is not applied if it is triple.

Even and Odd number: Bettors win if the sum of total number of three dice show on the specific even or odd number. However, this system is unpopular in America or Europe. You can find this system on Macau.

Specific Triple Color Bet: You obtain the win if the dice shows the specific number and the color, like on 3 reds, or 3 greens or 3 blues

Specific Double Number: You gain win if two out three dices shows the same color.

You may get confused with the system. We suggest to play the Sic Bo first to gain the good description of the game. Hopefully, the informative super color sic bo facts that you should know help you to gain wins.

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