Odds of Getting a Blackjack

If you read this article to satisfy your curiosity about the odds of getting a blackjack, you have come to the right place! You might wonder about your chance of getting a natural blackjack which truly feels great! In addition to it, getting a natural blackjack means to receive payouts at three to two odds.

Odds of Getting a Blackjack

The natural blackjack itself means the total amount of 21 from the first two cards dealt. In order to get the natural blackjack, you must be able to land an ace which is then followed by a card of which value is ten or vice versa. An ace card value can be 1 or 11, depending on the player’s preference. The cards which have a value of ten are tens, jacks, queens, and kings.

Most novice bettors who try their luck in blackjack rely on their instinct or feeling. They think that this strategy will work because the game seems very simple. Of course, this approach will not be effective. You will lose much money in the long-term. Even at online casinos such as Onlinecasinoqq288.com Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia it will not come easily.

This seemingly simple game should be played with an analytical mind. You must be aware of the mathematical principles which affect the gameplay. Hence, many people turn to card counting. While this method can increase your opportunity to get the rewards, this method is highly frowned upon. You can get thrown out from the land-based casino. Plus, it is impossible to use it while playing blackjack in online casinos.

The only way to beat the game is playing one with strategies and tricks. You must also know the probability of getting the natural blackjack. Thus, you know what to expect. Counting the probability of getting a blackjack is easy; you can do it in three steps.

If you play using one deck, the odds of getting a first card of which value is ten is 16/52 which is reduced to 4/13. Then, the odds for you to get an ace as your second card are 4/51. Multiply 4/13 by 4/51 to find the odds for you to get a card of which value is ten followed by an ace.

  1. 4/13 x 4/51 = 16/663

The odds of getting an ace as the first card is 4/52 which is reduced to 1/13. The odds of getting the second card of which value is ten is 16/51. Multiply 1/13 by 16/51 to find the odds of getting an ace followed by a card of which value is ten.

  1. 1/13 x 16/51 = 16/663

Add the probabilities of the two different scenarios producing the natural blackjack (16/663 + 16/663).

  1. 16/663 + 16/663 = 32/663 = 4.827 %

That’s the odds of getting a blackjack using only one deck. If you use six decks, the odds shrink to 4.749%. It means you can only get a natural blackjack four tomes from dealing 100 hands.

That’s the odds of getting a natural blackjack. The small odds seems quite difficult to beat. Well, it’s true if you simply rely on your luck. You can still win big prizes by playing blackjack if you diligently learn the strategies and tricks to booze your chance though.

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